Josh Eickmeier, Mayor of Seward

I have been blessed to serve as your Mayor for the past four years and i would be honored to be re-elected in order to continue serving this great community. Seward has always held a special place in my heart and I can't think of a better honor than to serve as Mayor of my hometown.

As your Mayor, I've identified the following priorities and accomplishments:

Providing Strong Leadership

Strong leadership is necessary to keep Seward moving forward. This requires a willingness to make tough decisions in order to do the right thing for the City and its employees.

Supporting Economic Development

During the last four years, we've seen Seward's economy get stronger with renewed growth as commercial and residential developments are on the rise.

Lowering Property Taxes

Since the passage of a 1/2 cent sales tax increase in 2012, as promised we have reduced our reliance on property taxes, which has meant Seward has had its lowest property tax levy in a decade.

I would like to hear what issues are important to you. If you would like to send me a note you can do so on the CONTACT page.